Edmonds High School ~ Class of 1957
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Julie & Kent
Julie & Kent Langabeer
Richard, Carin
Richard Fleming, Carin Fenton Nelson
Dale, Paul, Del
Dale, Paul Clement, Del

Paul & Cathy
Paul & Cathy Clement
Gary Lee
Thank you to Del & Dale
Dick Curry presenting our thanks to Del and Dale

2009 EHS'57 Picnic     Click for view with names listed
Gary, Carin, Dick C, Dick E, Joni
Gary Lee, Carin Fenton Nelson, Dick Curry, Dick Engels & Joni Schinske Sein

Gary &  Harry
Gary Saaris (Carolyn Reid), Harry Robinson (Ada Dick)
Gary & Mary
Gary & Mary Lee — our photographer
Eat up!

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Class Picnic 2009
2009 Picnic
Front row: Murphy, Del Starkenburg, Dale Witte Starkenburg, Susie Olson Van Tine, Carol Bergerson, Virginia Langland Bennett, Pat Caryl Jorgensen, Torun Ekenes Parker, Judith Missler Harrison.

Middle row: Curtiss Peterson, Darrell Harrison, Paul Clement, Al Morgan, Gary Lee, Carin Fenton Nelson, Bob Billington, Ada Dick Robinson, Carole Grant Bakker, Brian Huseby.

Back row: Richard Fleming, Rod Nopson, Paul Shannon, Dick Curry, Kent Langabeer, Bruce Bailey, Dick Engels, Bob Olson, Carolyn Reid, Buz Bauman