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School days . . . Submit your "Remember When" stories!
   Remember when "Remember When" was presented to us at the 50th reunion? We're sure that those remembrances merely scratched the surface of our collective memory caches, and we invite you to send us, for publication in the Cyber Tiger, one-sentence recollections of life in the Edmonds, Alderwood Manor or Esperance areas, from childhood through high school.
   Send a bunch or just a few (even one will do) for your classmates to enjoy. Email to Bruce Evans at

Remember When . . .

. . . As grade school kids we played jacks, migs, mumbledypeg, hopscotch, rock school, frozen tag, kick the can, hide and seek, Red Rover, and Simon Says?

. . . We’d never heard of the NRA but loved our BB guns, unfortunately sometimes shooting at inappropriate targets like robins, sparrows, and each other’s shoes?
You'll shoot yer eye out, kid!
. . . On rainy days we stayed inside and played canasta, tripoli, or electric football?

. . . We enjoyed double-shifting in second and sixth grades—if, that is, we had the morning shift, which left us all afternoon to play?

. . . We fearfully felt our school’s linoleum floors ripple beneath our feet during the earthquake of 1949?

. . . We had “duck and cover” drills at school in case of atomic attack?

snoman . . . We were sent home from school early at the onset of the blizzard of 1950?

. . . With school closed for days, we sledded down hilly streets, sometimes tearing up fingers or faces on the inflexible parts of our Flexible Flyers?

. . . We all got the measles, the mumps, and the chicken pox?

. . . Sick, we stayed home from school and listened to our mother’s favorite soaps, like “Ma Perkins” and “My True Story,” on our Philco or Sylvania radios?

. . . We sent in ten cents and two boxtops to Ralston Purina to get a secret decoder ring?

. . . We had fern fights?

. . . We watched test patterns on TV?

. . . “Life,” “Look,” and “Collier’s” magazines were stacked on our parents’ coffee tables?

. . . We rode the Shoot the Chute and the Big Dipper at Playland?

. . . Frances Anderson, Mildred McDermott, Mary Hall, Mildred Hatch, Adriene Caspars, Betty Wagoner, Joyce Koerner, Nettie Preston, Gwendolyn Shakespeare, Mary Hennum, Clarence Soukup, Gayle Giffey, Robert Hemphill, and Clyde Irving were our Edmonds Grade School teachers?

. . . In high school, “Wooden Willie” Hoban taught us how to use a lathe without cutting off a thumb when making our cedar chests and Adirondack lawn chairs?

What'll ya have, Hon? . . . And how until just recently 20-year-old waitresses did not patronizingly call us “Hon” when taking our orders?

— courtesy of Bruce Evans, in collaboration with Dick Curry                            

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