Edmonds High School ~ Class of 1957
2019 Picnic & Birthday Party
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Photos on this page courtesy of Jim McDermott & Mary Lee

Saturday, July 27, 2019

For the past 12 years, members of the Edmonds High School Class of 1957 have traveled to the Starkenburg home in Brier to enjoy the company of friends from their high school days. Sadly, this year is the last for that tradition, but rest assured our Committee will find a new location for next year—one that brings less work but more comradery.

    This year was also a "Happy 80th Birthday" celebration, with the appropriate sing-along, a specially decorated cake, ice cream, and gift bags for all!
We particularly enjoyed seeing our esteemed classmate Dick Curry—class communicator since 2008. Dick spent much of his year dealing with an unexpected, debilitative health concern. Our thoughts, prayers and good wishes are with him as he faces each new day.
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the beginning photo
"How have you been since last year's picnic?"

photo parking crew
Parking directors: Gary Lee, Al Morgan, Bruce Evans
gate keeper photo
Check in here, folks, with Carin Fenton Nelson

Calles, Harrison
Sam Calles (Lee Mullanax), Judy Missler Harrison
Lee Colby
Feroe, Zagars
Barbara Feroe and Don Zagars

From far left: Judy Missler Harrison, Don Zagars and Barbara Feroe Zagars, Sherry Gamble Kenealy, Barb Cossman Skei,
Helen Ohlen Gregory-Nopson ('58), Jim Nopson ('58), Janet Witter Goad, and Ben Forrestor (Janet)
Bruce Evans, Georgia Purton LaBelle ('58), Dick Curry, Keith Labelle (standing), Sheri LaVay (Dick Curry), Judy Holfeldt Evans ('58) Sharon Bailey (Bruce)
Lee Mullanax Callas leads us in singing the alma mater, while Dale Witte Starkenburg and Bruce Bailey join in.

Larry Kjolso ('56), Greg Bergere ('58), Gail Bergere, Joanne Bradbury Peterson ('58), Sam and Lee Mullanax Calles, Barney (Curtis) Peterson (mostly hidden), Buz Baumann and Judy Missler Harrison
Ron and Diane Burke, Janice (Al) Morgan, Buz and Al (behind), Carin Fenton Nelson, Lee Colby and Virginia Langland Bennett
Pat Caryl Jorgensen, John Jorgensen, Brian Huseby, Noel Barlament

Jim McDermott, Jim Nopson ('58),
Helen Ohlen Gregory-Nopson ('58), Keith LaBelle
Joanne Bradbury Peterson ('58), Barney (Curtis) Peterson
Janice (Al) Morgan, Sherry Gamble Kenealy, Barbara Crossman Skei

Gary Lee, Bruce Evans ... sporting their Edmonds High school gear
Awaiting our customary announcers to step forth ...
... and here they are: Dale Witte Starkenburg, Mary Lee, Gary Lee, and Bruce Bailey. Let the party begin!

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