Edmonds High School ~ Class of 1957
2010 Picnic
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Hillis, Curry, Bailey
Jerry Hillis, Dick Curry, Bruce Bailey
Dale, Bob
Dale Witte Starkenberg, Bob Billington
Johnson, Nopson, Harrison
Gus Johnson, Rodney Nopson, Darrell Harrison

Bailey, Bailey, Hillis, Robinson
Bruce Bailey, Brian Bailey, Jerry Hillis, Harry Robinson
Curry, LaVay
Dick Curry, Sheri LaVay (Dick)
Barney Peterson

Worthington, Mudge
Barrett Worthington, Mia Mudge Wallgren
Mulanax, Kask, Missler
Lee Mulanax Calles, Margie Kask Ruan, Judy Missler Harrison
Bob and Nancy Olson

Curtiss & Barney Peterson
Gary & Maureen Thompson
Janet, Marie
Janet Witter Goad, Marie Lynch Peterson

Ada Jeanne, Virginia
Ada Jeanne Dick Robinson, Virginia Langland Bennett
Art Devos
Art Devos
Jerry Hillis
Jerry Hillis

"Murphy" and friends gather for a group photo.
Murphy & friends
Pages for this album . . .   1   2

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