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Ada Jean Dick Robinson passed away on January 27th. A memorial service will be held at 2:00 pm on Saturday, February 23rd, at Trinity Lutheran Church in Lynnwood. An obituary will be posted when available.
EHS'57 80th Birthdays Party will be July 27th at noon at Dale Starkenburg's. Come celebrate our 80th birthdays PLUS the usual picnic!

REDESIGN for our "Tiger Tracks" page of classmates' stories is complete, making it more user-friendly and stories PRINTABLE! Tiger Tracks
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Remember when "Remember When" was presented to us at our 50th reunion?
      We're sure that those rememberances merely scratched the surface of our collective memory caches, and we invite you to send us, for publication in the Cyber Tiger,one-sentence recollections of life in the Edmonds, Alderwood Manor or Esperance areas, from childhood through high school. Send a bunch or just a few (even one will do) for your classmates to enjoy.
    Send to Bruce Evans at reflections@edmonds57.org  |  View Reflections
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Hoorah for Edmonds!

Hoorah for Edmonds!

Someone in the crowd is yelling

“Hoorah for Edmonds!”

One ...

two ...

three ...

four ...

Who ya gonna yell for?

Edmonds, that's us!

Oh . . . let's see now . . .