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Alderwood Manor Grade School Directory

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Grade 3 - Mrs. Caspers Grade 3
Mrs. Caspers
ROW 3 (top)
Jack Carlson, Dick Curry, Dick Engels, Bev Berg, Darla Wilkinson?, Paul Cottrell, Charles Cross, Buz Bauman, Lucy Cantril, Adrienne Caspers

Darla Goodwin, ______, Marcia ?, ______, Sally Cleveland, Mary Jo Hanley, Fredricka Gantz, Rosalie Gant, Patty Caryl

ROW 1 (front)
Wayne Burdett, Dave Goodwin, Bruce Evans, Mike Dickey, Ronnie Burke, Rich Fleming, Virgil Drew

If you can supply answers to any of the question marks shown in this listing, contact Carin at info@edmonds57.org. Please include Grade level, class number, row number and student number in row (from left).  EXAMPLE: "Grade 4, Class II, Row 1, 3rd from left: John Doe"

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