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Alderwood Manor Grade School Directory

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Grade 6 Gayle Giffey Grade 6
Gayle Giffey
ROW 4 (back):   Thomas Wagner, Kent Langabeer, _______, Carolyn Yost, Roberta Whitman, Vern Miller, _______, Gayle Giffey

ROW 3:   _______, Dick Curry, Marlys Nelson, Darla Wilkinson, Robin Sorenson, _______, Mike Dickey, Keith LaBelle, Angelus Giza

ROW 2:   Olga Stensen, _______, Dorothy Tucker, Sandra Wilson, Bev Berg, ______, Darla Goodwin, Marcia Hatcher, Carol James

ROW 1: (front)   Virgil Drew, Johnny Beadle, Wayne Burdett, Ronnie Burke, Richard May, Chuck Nesbit

If you can supply answers to any of the question marks shown in this listing, contact Carin at info@edmonds57.org. Please include Grade level, class number, row number and student number in row (from left).  EXAMPLE: "Grade 4, Class II, Row 1, 3rd from left: John Doe"

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