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Alderwood Manor Grade School Directory

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8th Grade - Mr. Irving Grade 8
Mr. Clyde Irving
ROW 4 (top): Mr. Clyde Irving, ________, Rich Fleming, Harley McKeever, Keith LaBelle, Jerry Hillis, Don Miller, Buz Bauman, Noel Barlament
ROW 3: Roy (Gus) Johnson, ________, ________, ________, Kay Jacobson, Marcia Hatcher, Linda Payne, ________, Harvey Miller, Barrett Worthington
ROW 2: ________, ________, Marlys Nelson, Roberta Whitman, ________, ________, ________,
ROW 1: Larry Solver, ________, ________, Richard May, Dick Curry, Tom Majestic
If you can supply any of the missing information in this listing, contact Carin at info@edmonds57.org. Please include Grade level, class number, row number and student number in row (from left).  EXAMPLE: "Grade 4, Class II, Row 1, 3rd from left: John Doe"

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