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Alderwood Manor Grade School Directory

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Grade 4 Class II Grade 4 Class II
Mrs. Betty Wagonner
ROW 4 (back)
Mrs. Wagonner, Gary Fairclough, Fred ?, Jack Carlson, Dick Engels, Rich Fleming, Danny Richardson, Mike Dickey
Dave Goodwin,    ??   , Buz Bauman, Charles Cross, Paul Cottrell, Noel Barlament, Brian Huseby
? Fredericksen, Darla Goodwin, Mary Jo Hanley,    ??   , Bev Berg, Lucy Cantril,    ??   , Sally Cleveland, Pat Caryl
ROW 1 (front)
Virgil ?, Bruce Evans, Dick Curry, Wayne Burdett
If you can supply answers to any of the question marks shown in this listing, contact Carin at info@edmonds57.org. Please include Grade level, class number, row number and student number in row (from left).  EXAMPLE: "Grade 4, Class II, Row 1, 3rd from left: John Doe"

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